Big Data

The internet contains an enormous amount of data (data). Tweets, videos, photos, search results, and social media profiles. But also customer files and purchase data.This makes it increasingly easier for companies to predict and influence your behavior. How do you ensure that you keep control over your data?

What is big data?

The amount of data that we all produce is growing explosively, because everything and everyone is online. We call this enormous mountain of digital data big data .

Advantages of big data

The advantages for commercial companies are obvious: they gain more insight into the (buying) behavior of their customers. These companies also call analyzing large data files business intelligence .Big data has advantages for consumers: tailor-made care, tailor-made education, tailor-made offers. Big data makes it easy for you.Municipalities or the police are also increasingly using big data. To make smart policies or to be able to estimate risks.

Big data risks

Collecting big data can damage privacy. Many people are unaware that their data is being sold on to other companies.In addition, the data usually has more than one owner. Big data is compiled from different sources and comes from different suppliers. Interpretation of data outside the original context can lead to incorrect conclusions.Another risk of big data is that it is seen as neutral or objective. Big data is collected in a specific society and at a specific time. It is therefore a reflection of the norms and values ​​that exist.Big data can also lead to a so-called filter bubble . With algorithms, the offer on the internet is tailored to your personal preferences. As a result, you are less likely to encounter other opinions.

To work! Protect your privacy

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