Wearables are mobile gadgets that we wear on our body, such as bracelets ( trackers ), watches ( smart watches ) and glasses ( smart glasses ).Most of these gadgets collect personal data about the user and his / her environment. This brings the online and physical world closer together. What are the benefits and what should you pay attention to?

What's in it for us?

Most wearables collect personal information. The data serves as advice for the daily choices we make. Technology as an extension of ourselves. We also call this intimate technology.The use of wearables for improving our health,  Quantified Self , is particularly popular. The added value is in analyzing the data. That motivates you to become even fitter, healthier, more productive and happier.

What are the risks?

Wearables are a threat to our privacy. Thanks to this technology, companies have found a new way to collect personal data. This data is shared over the internet and is valuable to advertisers.

Are wearables used in healthcare?

Wearables collect valuable information for healthcare. Perhaps pedometers, hard meters, blood meters and fitness trackers will be used in the future to improve healthcare.

Are wearables really just devices?

There is also clothing equipped with technology. Google is developing smart textiles in collaboration with Levi.
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